Brand Awareness For Wine Producer Proves Huge Success

Services Delivered

PPC via AdWords Display

The Brief

The client was a leading household name wine producer. We’d been approached by their PR agency to white label a PPC awareness campaign.

As well as brand awareness the task here was to promote a £3k Dream Holiday competition by encouraging customers to choose their brand above the competitors and to look out for special bottles carrying a promotional sleeve on the neck.

The Account Structure

We chose to advertise on the Display network as we wanted to make full use of some great images and of course because of the targeting options available via Google Display.

We devised a couple of personas based around the target demographic for the brand before creating several campaigns each with a different targeting method.

We understood that the target audience was overwhelmingly female and between 25-44 years of age. And using Google’s comprehensive lists of affinity groups, interests and topics we were confident that we were on target!

We added a number of Placements for sites we wanted our ads to appear on and added some keywords to help find sites we had yet to discover.


The project ran for the 5 months leading up to the competition closing date and all parties were extremely pleased with the results.

In that time we’d served almost 2,500,000 ad impressions with over 11,500 clicks to the competition site. All this for a spend of little over £2k and an average CPC of only 19p.

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