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The best way to get people interested in what you have to offer is to engage with them. Connecting with these patients depends on how effectively you’re able to present them with a simple and clear message that resonates with their needs.

Patient intent is the key here, not action. It’s no longer just looking at what they’re doing online, but also considering why patients are doing it so you can use this information to improve your connections and lead generation. Knowing where your traffic comes from can help you better understand your visitors’ various intent levels.

Social media is a great way to engage with potential patients because of the relaxed nature of the interaction. People no longer need to make an appointment or meet you in person to get a feel for your service or for you. If it’s done right, patients can build a relationship with you before you’ve even met.

Red Effect Digital can provide you with a full paid social media ad campaign that allows you to connect with prospective patients. This can complement the content you produce for your own social media. We’ll help you advertise more effectively on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

One simple and effective way to increase your conversions is by re-marketing. This enables you to show ads to potential patients who have visited your website but not taken any action. Re-marketing offers you another opportunity to get in front of your prospective audience once more. This means you can bring back lost conversions and attract brand new ones at lower costs than other channels.

We understand patient behaviour and can track this online, serving ads to them whilst they browse other sites. In most cases we recommend a portion of your budget be re-allocated to re-marketing. It will always help you re-engage potential customers or patients who didn’t convert the first time round.

Our all-inclusive solutions have helped clients just like you to capture the attention of patients.

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