Do You Need A New PPC Agency?

Running your business and managing your AdWords account means you’re always in total control right? Unfortunately the answer is more likely to be NOPE!

Balancing keywords, bids and ad copy while keeping an eye on conversion rates really can be a full time job so it’s highly likely that you’ll see better results if your account is managed by an agency.

But how do you choose? And if you’re currently working with an agency how do you know that they’re right for you? Why not score your agency out of 10 for each of these areas – if you’re less than totally happy with the result then it might be time to think about switching!

You could be 7 questions away from dramatically improving your AdWords account.

1. Are they a Google Partner? If there’s a Google Partner badge on their site it should be clickable and lead you to the Google Partners portal where you’ll find more information about the agency. Double check with a search here –

2. Is the account owned by you? An AdWords account should always be owned by the client. The agency is there to apply their skills and expertise to maximise the performance of your account. Make sure you’ve got log-in and password details. Be fair to the agency though, you shouldn’t access the account to make changes yourself! And you shouldn’t need to if you’re happy with point 3.

3. Performance Reporting. Do you get regular meaningful reports or are you bamboozled by metrics? Any agency worth their salt will be providing you with meaningful performance figures in line with your KPI’s or other agreed targets. All account changes should be reported to you as well as any changes to the strategy. If you’re not informed you can’t make the right decisions and you can’t expect your agency to either without two way communication.

4. Restrictive Pricing. If an agency has different pricing structures that limit you to a number of keywords, Ad Groups or ads then walk away now!

In our opinion your monthly management fee should be based on the optimum time required to consistently squeeze out the best performance from your account. It should not be based on a set number of components. Businesses, like AdWords accounts, can be very different from one another and for many reasons and you want your account to be built and managed in the most effective way. You don’t want your account strangled by arbitrary restrictions nor do you want it bloated with poorly performing keywords to too many ads just to inflate the monthly fee.

5. A True Partnership? To get the very best out of your AdWords account the agency should take the time to understand your business. This could take place in meetings, ‘phone conversations and added to in emails, whichever works for you but a detailed level of communication must take place. We endeavour to find out as much about our clients as possible even if on face value it doesn’t directly affect their AdWords performance. It gives us an extra dimension to our understanding of the clients wants and needs. It’s also important for your agency to understand your typical customers – how many are repeat customers (remarketing?), what’s the percentage of calls (do you need a call tracking solution?), Is PPC the main marketing function, if not what’s the split? If your agency doesn’t ask these kind of questions then will your account be as effective as it could be?

6. Testing, testing. Has your agency mentioned ad copy testing? Have they specifically tested different ad copy and reported any outcomes to you? It’s an absolute fundamental in paid search and if your agency isn’t doing any testing you need to ask them why!

There are many reasons why ad testing should take place not least of all because an agency can’t possibly optimise your account without it. Searchers know they’ll have a choice when presented with the search results page and that most of the ads will be promoting the same product or service. So testing is key to finding out which messages resonate with the searcher and which calls to action lead to an increase in click through rate and sales.

7. Results Guaranteed! We guarantee one thing – that we’ll do our very best to make a significant positive impact to your online sales through AdWords. Actually we can guarantee you a nice cup of tea too but that’s less important right now!

Nobody can guarantee success or an increase in sales by managing your AdWords account, there are simply too many variables. What a good agency should be able to do is make sufficient improvements to your AdWords account to give you the confidence that you’ll see an improvement in conversions – whether that be in sales, lead generation etc. They should also be able to evidence the likelihood of successful conversions through well optimised campaigns.

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