Granular Approach Leads to Huge Increase In Bookings

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PPC via AdWords Search

The Brief

The client operates in the competitive and popular niche of arranging guided tours of WW1 and WWII battlefield sites in France.

The Research

Keyword research here was critical as there are so many battlefield sites relating to WWI and WWII across the world. This resulted in a huge negative keyword list which would be necessary for any phrase or broad match modified keywords.

Red Effect also conducted comprehensive competitor analysis looking at things such as our clients pricing compared to the market, unique selling points, identifying which competitors served ads on the Display network or used Remarketing etc.

A Granular Approach

As with all our Search focussed accounts we wanted to build the campaigns and Ad Groups to be as granular as possible. In response to any search the search results page should be full of businesses with very similar offerings, so standing out from the crowd can be difficult.

And if our ads are that little more granular than the next there’s a greater chance of winning that click.

Of course the ads need great copy and strong calls to action too!

What do we mean by granular? Simply that if a searcher uses a longer search term or a more specific search term we want to match those keywords and show an ad that contains all the relevant keywords.

For example the search ‘guided battlefield tour of Dunkirk’ gives us at least 3 indicators of the searchers need. Not just a ‘battlefield tour’ but a ‘guided’ tour specifically to ‘Dunkirk’.

It’s surprising how many of the ads that appear for this search focus only on ‘battlefield tours’ and don’t promote the more granular offer.

This granular approach can mean creating more Ad Groups but it also means more control over budgets and being able to readily identify those groups delivering strong ROI.

There are of course some searchers interested in a ‘battlefield tour’. They may be at the interest/research phase of their purchasing path so it’s important to cater for these ‘top of funnel’ searchers too.

We did this by creating a small campaign focussed on several exact match keywords. They performed remarkably well with one particular keyword delivering a CTR of over 53%, a conversion rate of 10% and a cost per acquisition of less than £5!


Over the first quarter we saw click through rates for individual campaigns averaging over 20%.

Our best performing keywords had CTR’s of between 17% and 54% with conversion rates averaging almost 10% leading to a massive increase in tour bookings for the 2nd and 3rd quarters.


We used a very similar methodology for a vehicle leasing client having taken over a failing account. Very quickly we saw a dramatic increase in CTR and conversions and a huge reduction in cost per conversion. A happy customer here is potentially a customer for life so the actual cost per conversion in relation to the potential lifetime value of the customer is almost negligible!

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